Reasons To Install Outside Lights

Most dwellings contain indoor lights to assist people with doing activities when it is dark outside, or when there is not enough natural light entering through a window. However, outdoor lighting is just as important for several reasons. There are many options for outside lighting fixtures, from large bright lights to smaller dim ones. Here are a few of the reasons to install outdoor light fixtures.


When it is dark outside, the risk of tripping over something on the ground or slipping on a patch of ice greatly increases. Path lights or other types of lighting can help you see where you are going better, ensuring that you are safe when walking from your car to your front door, or when walking your dog around the yard at night. While everyone can benefit from the additional safety offered by outside lights, consider investing in some exterior lights especially if you have poor night vision.


If the area around your home is well-lit, would-be robbers and other people up to no good have fewer places to hide and fewer possibilities of jumping out and attacking you unexpectedly. Some types of security lighting will illuminate when they detect motion, saving you energy costs by only working when they are needed. These motion-detecting lights are also great for alerting you to the possibility of someone walking around outside of your house after dark.

Peace of Mind

If you are going out of town for a few days or longer, it can give you great peace of mind knowing that there is a light on outside your home to deter criminals from breaking and entering. Vandals, robbers, and other criminals tend to target dark houses because they are less likely to be seen by passersby.

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Best Spots To Place Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can transform an ordinary yard into an outdoor oasis. Well-placed outdoor light fixtures also provide an added layer of home security. Find out where and how to position outdoor lighting to enhance the function and appearance of your landscape.

Scope Out Optimal Areas for Outdoor Lighting

Take a close look at your yard. Note features you want to highlight as well as areas that require lighting for safety purposes.

Entry Points

A strategically-lit exterior can deter unwanted visitors. Make it challenging for trespassers to go undetected by positioning security lighting on doors and windows.

Walkways and Fences

Pathways, driveways, stairs and fences should be well-lit to enable individuals to safely walk at night. Post lights effectively illuminate larger areas while path lights work for smaller spaces.

 Potential Hazards

If your yard contains hazards such as a pool, some uneven terrain or a rock bed, make sure these areas are adequately lit to prevent injuries.

Patios and Decks

Adorn your deck or patio with ambient lighting. This will create a relaxing vibe and allow you to enjoy your space day or night.

Natural Features

LED lighting and solar lights are environmentally-friendly options for showcasing a lush garden, a majestic tree and other natural features.

 Focal Points

Highlight a tree swing, flag pole or statue with accent lighting. Uplighting or downlighting can draw attention to your favorite features.


Aim for a Pleasing Lighting Design

Outdoor light fixtures vary based on installation methods and illumination techniques. Effective lighting designs typically use a combination of light types to provide sufficient lighting and achieve desired effects.

With so many options for styles and effects, it can be helpful to have a trained eye offer perspective on the best exterior lighting placement for your space. The landscape lighting experts at Green Turf are dedicated to brightening your day by creating a lighting system that will illuminate your nights. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.