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Green Turf’s landscape lighting service department can help you with all your low voltage lighting needs.


Updating old fixtures, re-lamping burnt out fixtures, wiring problems, transformer issues are all problems our qualified lighting service technician can help you solve.
Do you have high voltage lighting needs?

We can refer a qualified licensed electrician to you or we will take care of scheduling the appointment.


Have you recently made changes to your property?

Your low voltage landscape lighting is very flexible. We can add or move fixtures easily to accommodate changes in your yard or landscape.
Do you notice the lighting effects just aren’t the same when arriving home after dark?

Over time, the fixtures may be require adjustment for effect and to ensure proper lighting for security purposes. We provide annual lighting service agreements to guarantee the lighting system is operating at it’s full potential. Lighting service agreements include, but are not limited to, lamp replacement, adjusting and cleaning of fixtures and applying lubricant to the sockets.
Have you heard about the latest in low- voltage technology?

L.E.D. low-voltage lighting conserves electricity, reduces maintenance and saves you money.
Be Green & Bright with L.E.D.
Consider using the new L.E.D. landscape lighting technology for your new outdoor lighting system or upgrade your existing system. In addition to the superior clarity of L.E.D. lights, the reduction in energy consumption is significant and the life expectancy of L.E.D. lamps is 15 years or more!
Install a Photo-Cell. Allow your lighting system to turn on at dusk all year round. This will prevent you from having to constantly change the timer to accommodate the changing of darkness and allowing more time on your part and less frustration.

Call 314-739-0410 or click to schedule a lighting service.