Landscape Lighting

Beautiful walkway showcases aesthetic benefits of landscape lighting

Benefits of Landscape Lighting for Your Home

If you’re proud of your home and your landscaping (and why shouldn’t you be?) then there is no shame in going the extra mile and showcasing your home’s features into the evening with landscape lighting. Professional landscape lighting benefits your home in a variety of different ways beyond simply enhancing curb appeal. In this month’s blog, we’ll take a look at some of the key benefits of landscape lighting. Landscape Lighting Benefits The right landscape...
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About Lighting Service

Green Turf's landscape lighting service department can help you with all your low voltage lighting needs.   Updating old fixtures, re-lamping burnt out fixtures, wiring problems, transformer issues are all problems our qualified lighting service technician can help you solve. Do you have high voltage lighting needs? We can refer a qualified licensed electrician to you or we will take care of scheduling the appointment.   Have you recently made changes to your property? Your...
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