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Leading Indicators of Drainage Problems

  • Standing water 24 hours after a hard rain or irrigation.
  • Concentrations of yellowing or patches of turf that has minimal original turf.
  • Yellowing plant life.
  • Thin areas of turf, although there is plenty of sun and no obvious disease.
  • Areas that are constantly being treated for fungus problems.
  • Debris, such as leaves, pine straw, trash, etc., accumulated in affected areas.
  • Water stains on fences, buildings, etc.
  • Stagnate water smell.
  • Trees and landscape material that are dying for no obvious reasons.
  • Mud or silt deposits on flatwork, porches, etc.
  • Structural damage related to moisture or excess water problems.
  • Water intrusion into the home through doors sills, basements, garages, etc.

While it takes water to maintain a healthy lawn, too much water can have negative effects ranging from unhealthy lawns to leaky basements to large-scale soil erosion. These effects damage not only the appearance and value of your property but weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Our drainage experts study the lay of your land and design a system that insures the proper removal of excess water.

Call or click today for a drainage consultation and make sure it’s the water, not your property, that goes down the drain.