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automated sprinkler watering grass on a vibrantly green lawn

The Best Time to Water Grass: Lawn Irrigation Tips

If you’re looking for the best time to water grass, the answer isn’t quite as simple as just picking a certain time of day and sticking to it week after week. Figuring out the best time to water your grass, and how best to do it, depends on a variety of factors: where you live, the time of year, your lawn and soil type, your landscaping, and much more. We’ll explore all these factors and...
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Rain Barrels and Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Another great idea! Capture that rainwater that falls on your roof, store it, and use it later to water your flowers and landscape.
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Rain Gardens and Bioswales.

Capture that storm water that usually runs through your yard and into the overtaxed sewer system, and create a planting area of native vegetation, while doing your part to conserve water that is usually wasted.
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Install a Photo-Cell.

Allow your lighting system to turn on at dusk all year round. This will prevent you from having to constantly change the timer to accommodate the changing of darkness and allowing more time on your part and less frustration.
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Be Green & Bright with L.E.D.

Consider using the new L.E.D. landscape lighting technology for your new outdoor lighting system or upgrade your existing system. In addition to the superior clarity of L.E.D. lights, the reduction in energy consumption is significant and the life expectancy of L.E.D. lamps is 15 years or more!
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