Green Tips

Drip It.

Use drip irrigation to apply water slowly and directly to the roots of plants, using 30-50% less water than sprinkler irrigation, and eliminating overspray and runoff.
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ET-Based Controllers. No, not that ET …

Adjust run times based on water loss from the soil, through evaporation, and water loss to the plant, through transpiration, ensuring that the right amount of water is applied without over watering or under watering. Automatic adjustment to the watering schedules, based on evapotranspiration (ET), can reduce water use by 20-40%.
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Rain / Freeze Sensors

Rain sensors prevent irrigation systems from running when it is raining and right after rain events when irrigation is unnecessary. Rain/freeze sensors add the ability to stop irrigation when temperatures approach freezing to prevent ice on landscapes and hardscapes. These devices can reduce irrigation water usage up to 35 percent and help extend irrigation system life. Sprinkler systems should never run in the rain, and rain sensors can put an end to those wasteful and...
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