Benefits of an Automatic Sprinkler System

If you're tired of maintaining a constant vigil over your lawn and manually moving a sprinkler from the front yard to the backyard in an effort to keep your grass green, you may want to consider installing an automatic irrigation system. While it may seem that having a sprinkler system that turns on automatically would use more water, an efficient system may actually help you conserve water by allowing you to customize the amount you...
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Top 5 Reasons Your Irrigation or Sprinkler System Could Be Costing You Money

Have you ever passed a property on a rainy day and the irrigation system or sprinklers are on? Why in the world would anyone water their lawn on a rainy day? The answer is that it’s an under-managed system and it’s wasting money. These are the top five reasons your irrigation or sprinkler system could be costing you money: 1. Overwatering 2. Watering during rainy weather 3. Inaccurate adjustments or settings 4. Unknown water flow...
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Rain Barrels and Rainwater Harvesting Systems.

Another great idea! Capture that rainwater that falls on your roof, store it, and use it later to water your flowers and landscape.
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